A major resource on fossil reef systems

PARED has been developed by Prof. Wolfgang Kiessling since 1995 with the aim to collect data on Phanerozoic reefs in a standardized format and to use those data for tracing patterns and processes in reef development. PARED currently holds data on more than 4300 Phanerozoic reef sites with geological, geographical, and paleontological information on every reef. While mostly developed for research, the database is useful for tracing reefal oil reservoirs through time and space.

Full access to PARED is password protected but a simplified search form is publicly available. To request full access please contact the database administrator. Please feel free to write us with any questions, concerns, feedback or new ideas.
A simplified static version of PARED is available for download at Zenodo.

PARED Citation: Kiessling, W., and Krause, M. C., 2022, PARED - An online database of Phanerozoic reefs: https://www.paleo-reefs.pal.uni-erlangen.de